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Dental Bonding in Clairemont, CA

Do you have gaps or changes in the color of your teeth? Don’t think you can easily change the appearance of your teeth? Think again. With dental bonding in Clairemont, you can fill in the gaps in your teeth while also improving the appearance of your smile at the same time. Let’s take a look.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding utilizes an enamel-like material that is applied to your tooth’s surface for an immediate improvement. In order for the bonding procedure to be complete, your dentist will sculpt the material into the ideal shape. It will then be hardened and polished for a complete restoration of your teeth–eliminating the gap while improving the appearance. What’s even better is that this dental bonding procedure can be completed in as little as one visit to South Clairemont Dentistry.

One thing to remember is that dental bonding may be more susceptible to staining or chipping than veneers or other restoration procedures. In order to maintain the appearance of your dental bonding, take extra precautions in ensuring your teeth remain clean and healthy.

Contact South Clairemont Dentistry today to learn more about dental bonding in Clairemont, and to find out if it is an appropriate procedure for eliminating gaps and improving the appearance of your teeth.